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Product Overview

GeoWeb has a wide range of products and services developed to accommodate the business needs of our customers. Some of our products and services include the following:

Web Site Design & Development

Creating an effective e-commerce solution requires the development of an inviting and dynamic Web site that accurately presents your products and services. With a team of experienced and innovative Web designers, GeoWeb provides you with customized e-business solutions that will entice online visitors to explore and frequent your site.

Whether you need to enhance your existing Web site or construct a new one, GeoWeb offers a variety of service options for you to choose from.

Web Application Systems

  • Online Human Resource Management System

This system lets recruiters/human resource managers set up/manage an employment web site using web browser.  Recruiters can post/edit their job ads, manage online responses, search resumes.  Job seekers can post and manage their resumes online.

  • Online Storefront

Online Storefront gives people the ability to buy and sell goods online with features like an online shopping cart, merchant accounts, and automatically generated customer notifications/receipts.

  • Online Classified Ad Management System

This system lets users with basic Web browser skills set up a site with multiple postings. The features of the system include the ability to post advertisements, Web pages, and directory listings within select categories and sub-categories. Users also have a variety of posting options including contact information, email links, URL links, product descriptions, logos, pictures, automatic map links, and more.

  • Online Trading System

The Online Trading System allows users to conduct business online in real-time,  and gives users the ability to execute a variety of transaction and communication functions. Users can post, edit, delete, and view bids over the Internet, which allows sellers to communicate product estimates and accept or reject posted bids and proposals.

E-communication functions let users negotiate through electronic bulletin boards. Features like instant fax, voice and email notification are available throughout each stage of the e-business process while special features like database management and marketing capabilities can be added to improve the functionality of your online business operations.